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26/06/18 - Live phone interview on in Philadelphia, discussing 'The Burn City Project' with Daz Jones in the studio.

16/03/18 - Featured write up on Dimes[man]'s new video 'Exprimer' from Boston based Hip Hop website/blog The Culture Weekly. To visit the website click on the picture or logo below.

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27/09/17 - Write up on Dimes[man] and Daz Jones music video 'Elements" off of the 2017 release of 'The Burn City Project.'

"The Burn City Project is the debut collaborative album by talented Melbourne producer and emcee Dimes[man] and Philly artist Daz Jones. The duo have just dropped the music video for their latest track Elements, a jazzy hip hop delight with chill-out vibes and smooth piano chords. The song is an ode to the golden era of hip hop, driven by sampled bass lines and accentuated by relaxed drums. The Burn City Project is the successful outcome of both artists recording in the studio together on two separate occasions. The ten-track album is inspired by the sounds of the underground New York hip hop movement."


05/07/17 - Featured write up on 'The BurnCity Project' from Boston based Hip Hop website/blog The Culture Weekly. For Full write up click on the picture or logo below.

14/02/17 - Featured interview from Boston based Hip Hop website/blog The Culture Weekly. For full interview click on the picture or logo below.

19/06/15TeamBackPack's Live from the Underground write up on the Dimes[man] produced and featured song by Daz Jones titled 'Last Days'. For write up on #LFTU website click on the picture or logo below.

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